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Joshua's Christmas Mod

From decorations like Christmas trees and lights, presents, and stockings, to holiday treats like sugar cookies, candy canes, eggnog, and more, this mod fills your Minecraft world with the Christmas spirit!

Originally released in back 2016, I've been keeping the mod up-to-date with the latest Minecraft releases, occasionally adding some new features.

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"WhizzBall!" Restoration

A classic online puzzle-game from the early 2000's, created by Andries Odendaal for the original Discovery Kids website.

Eventually, the game was shutdown... but that's where this project comes in! With a reverse-engineered backend, along with Ruffle for Flash Player emulation, the game is once again available for all to play.

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Past Projects

Everybody Edits + EE Universe

January 2018 — August 2020

A multiplayer platform game where players of all ages build mini-games for each other to enjoy, offering a fun and creative experience.

Having grown up playing the game since 2010, I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to join the new development team almost 8 years later, after I was noticed creating a small HTML5 remake of the game called HaxEE. Working to fix longstanding issues, implementing huge changes, and creating various graphics were a few ways I contributed to help keep the project alive.

Beyond the original Flash game, we had our sights set on reimagining the game for the modern world as a new game titled "Everybody Edits Universe". With development officially starting in 2019, we were able to launch the closed-beta by the end of the year. Over the following months, we continued to release updates that expanded the game's functionality.

But as time went on, it became very clear that ongoing problems behind-the-scenes were taking a huge toll on the project. From design and management issues, to rifts between team members, a lack of funding, and a general lack of expertise, it all showed signs of an inevitable breaking point.

While I still wanted to believe these issues could be resolved in some way, it was also becoming obvious I had been neglecting work on my own projects. It simply wasn't reasonable to stay involved with EE/EEU any longer, so I reluctantly made the decision to step away from the project, but not before completing my unfinished tasks, improving documentation, and training the remaining developers.

The game received a few small updates after my departure, but the franchise ultimately went on to be acquired by GGRiD. Since then, EEU has officially been canceled, with a new reboot taking its place.

BlockWorks [Canceled]

July 2017 — September 2017

Inspired by Everybody Edits and other games from our childhoods, my brother Kentiya, our friend John, and I had fun developing a game where players would work together to create worlds and build mechanisms in a 2D-platformer environment.

But ultimately, as other projects took precedence and took us in different directions, we had to make the decision to cancel work on the project.

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