Criobite — Always a work in progress.

Who am I?

My name's Joshua, and I'm a guy from Ohio with a passion for everything creative.

From music, to code, art, storytelling, and beyond, I love every aspect of the creative process. Video game development has always been my focus, as it brings all of these skills together.

Working with my brothers at Light Wolf Studios, we often collaborate on awesome projects that push our limits.

Coming Soon: GRID_HACKER

Hack your way through the grid-puzzle network by redirecting your signal to reach the target. Tackle user-created challenges for endless puzzling.

My Work


In my time making games, I've released many titles ranging from full-size projects like Rotate, to a multitude of game jam entries each made in just 2-3 days.


Beyond my usual work, I've released or been a part of a few projects, like my Christmas Mod for Minecraft or experimental collaborative stuff.


I've been producing music in various forms for many years, although mostly in private. Much of my public discography is currently composed of my video game soundtracks!